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      We can design anything you can imagine. From a multi-page website (Example) to just an on-line business card (Example) . Of course the size of your needs determines the cost, but we pledge to our customers to a professional design at a home town price. Contact us today!

      We offer custom web design at an affordable price. Our Services are aimed toward the small businesses. We think everyone should be able to take advantage of the internet explosion, not just the large companies. A full page ad with color in a local newspaper would be over $700. And that's just a one time thing.

      Why not advertise your business with us and put a small ad in newspaper with your web address (YOU.GalaxVa.Us).

      Most people in todays computer age shop from home.

      So why not get your business on-line today! We are friendly Galax natives who will take the time to discuss your needs and make sure you are pleased with your choice.
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David Thompson
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